How to Make a Mockingjay Pin From the Hunger Games





Introduction: How to Make a Mockingjay Pin From the Hunger Games

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   In this instructable i'll be showing you how to make your very own mockingjay pin!It's super simple and quite easy,and by the way this is the first set of instructions on the internet on how to make one of these.The things you need are.

     -a block of bass wood
     -copper wire
     -a knife
     -a dremal
     -gold spray paint
     -a DS game case or other plastic of your choice
     -a small nail 
     -tin clippers
     -super glue
     -the back of a pin that you wear
    In preparation of the soon to come movie I started to search the web to find how to make a mockingjay pin and all that came up were pictures and print outs so I made my own and decided to share it with everybody.  :D

         P.S. Dont be afraid to post pictures of the pin you make if you make one!

Step 1: The Bird

The first thing were going to make is the bird in the center of the pin.Start off by spliting the block of wood to as thick as you want it.(photo1) Then take a print out cut out the bird and trace on to the wood(photo 2-4) Now get your dremel ready and cut out the bird shape.(photo 5) What I did next which is optional is taped the picture of the actual bird to my cutout and used the detail bit,a hand knife and a sander bit to make the wings look separate and to make the head look better.(photo 6-7)

Step 2: The Ring

  Now we are to work on the ring.What I did was took an old DS game case and cut a circle out of that but you can use any other thick plastic.(photo 1-2) Then sand down your circle to where it is smooth

Step 3: The Arrow

This is a quite tricky part of the build.Use your copper wire and cut to the length of the arrow in the photo you printed earlier.(photo1) Your probably wondering what were going to about the arrow head and feathers. Well I have an answer......WE USE THE FOAM! Ok, enough with the yelling,cut the foam to the size you want your arrow head and feathers to be.(photo 2-4) Then shove the arrow head on the end of the length of wire and glue on the foam feathers.(photo 5)

Step 4: Getting It to Stay on Your Shirt

  There are two choices on how to get it to stay on your shirt.You can 1.use magnets,glue one to the back of your bird and put the other behind your shirt and connect them or 2. like I did cut down a nail with tin snips,drill a small hole and shove the nail in the hole then glue it in place let it dry and use the back of an other pin to connect it through your shirt

Step 5: Glueing It All Together

Now glue the bird to the ring. Second glue the arrow to the birds mouth and tail.(look at photo you printed)

                                                                 YOUR ALMOST DONE!!!!!!

Step 6: Spraypainting

   For the last step spray paint the pin gold. And most important of all have fun with it!



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    this is ridiculous it dont even look like the real thing i know because i have the real thing hell you can go on amazon and order one for only 1.00 or .95 cents

    Cool way- I luv this pin

    Thank you so much! Now i have something to wear to the premiere of catching fire!

    Haha I like your name and thank you for your comment I just recently redid the outer ring so that now it looks more....hunger gameish

    Haha I like your name and thank you for your comment I just recently redid the outer ring so that now it looks more....hunger gameish

    thats not very easy if your not good with cutting

    2 replies

    Oh and thanks to you I now have 100 comments on various Ibles! (virtual hive-5)

    That actually is quite easy even if your not a good or experienced carver and I'm also working on a way to make a foam version.

    i love the hunger games! who doesn't? im always watching the fan made version on youtube and i so wanna go see the the movie! but this mockingjay pin has just made my life complete!! thanks!!!

    1 reply

    cool!! the movie is great you really should go seee it and thx for the post!!!

    could i have the link to the photo you used? and is the wood carving part difficult or fairly easy??

    4 replies

    Um....well if you tell me how to give you the link i'll give it to you but i dont know how.And the carving is fairly easy but you can use foam or something else. :D

    Just copy and paste in the reply box thx : )

    There it is.

    very cool! I still need to read the books, but the movie looks good.

    1 reply

    The books are great reads I suggest you read them. :P