Introduction: How to Make a Money Clip From a Saw Blade

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You need a 9inch band saw blade.(A metal cutting blade that's dull works great) you then need to cut a 9inch long piece of it

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You then need to take a propane or mapp gas torch. Then you need to take needle nose pliers and go about a 1/4inch down from one end and bend it over.

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You then need to go about an inch and a half up from the end of that and bend it

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You then go an inch and a half from the 1/4inch bend and bend the clip the other way

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You need to measure out an inch and a half down and cut off the excess. Then measure a mark a 1/4 ich from the cut, then bend.

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The last step is to temper it, get the whol thing red hot and then let it air cool. Then take a belt sander and grind off the teeth that are on the one side

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And it's done! Feel free to follow and/or comment.


donttrustthepig (author)2014-02-14

I hope that helped

donttrustthepig (author)2014-02-14

The blade is from a 9inch band saw, it's only 59 inches long total. You only heat the point you bend at unless your hardening the whole thing. To make it springy again you heat the whole thing up, but not red hot and let it air cool.

EmcySquare (author)2014-02-13

Sorry I didn't get it...

The blade is carbon steel? Do you have to heat the whole 9 inches to soften it before? or you just heat the point you'll bend it at? Does it need to get red hot in this phase?

Once you shaped (bent it) the way you like, how do you make it "springy" in order to hold the bills? Does heating red-hot and air cooling (not quenching?) make the trick?

Thanks for your time.

TimedTapestry0 (author)2014-02-11

Also mine

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