How to Make a Monofin of a Mermaid Tail




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Introduction: How to Make a Monofin of a Mermaid Tail

About: Hi im Elena and i like to publish things on instructable so people can enjoy my work. :) i like to help people and i enjoy that they can enjoy my work like i do . Thnx for all of you guys and please coment ...

Its cheap and easy please no mean comments

Step 1: Materials

Old shoeS Duct tape Cardboard or plastic if u want it swimmable

Step 2: The Cardboard or Plastic

Get the cardboard and draw the shape that u want for the mermaid tail then cut it off

Step 3: Put the Shoes

Put the shoes and tape it

Step 4: Done!!

I kmow its a little stupid this instructable :( but still one of my first instructable any question ?? Comment and enjoy :)



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Thank you so much for making this instructable it made me so happy

Could you please tell me how you made it with plastic

1 reply

Probably the plastic from the top of a container bin or something similar.

Jaja good to know that at least your sister loved it :D

Cool my little sister loved it she's wearing it ever wear she goes kind a weird right:D