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A muff is an old fashioned hand warmer, that fits over your wrists with both hands inside. It can be used with or without gloves, and is also handy for holding small lightweight objects. These instructions are for a combination of crocheted and sewn muff, but you can use just fabric, just crochet, or knitting instead of crochet.
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Step 1: Preparation & Supplies

Picture of Preparation & Supplies
A ball of yarn in the color of your choice, I recommend a medium to heavy weight yarn, wool or wool blend but acrylic, cotton, or bamboo works too!

About a half yard of fabric, I like velvet best, but wool or fake fur or really anything works. Best results if the fabric is about the same weight as the crocheted part.

Thread to match

Crochet hook of appropriate size to the yarn

Sewing needle and or machine (can be done into rely by hand, the machine is just quicker).

Cloth (sewing type) measuring tape

Step 2: Measure And Get Started

Picture of Measure And Get Started
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Measure your hand to get an idea of how big the muff should be. I like it roomy, so it can carry my bus pass, or some odd bills.

Start crocheting (or knitting) to make a rectangle about three inches wider than your hand is long, including an inch of your wrist, in this case about 12 inches, and twice as long as you want it. I will do a simple fan and post pattern, but any stitches will work, even granny squares.
Mielameri1 year ago

What a beautiful pattern! Thanks for the inspiration :)

klilise (author)  Mielameri1 year ago
My pleasure, enjoy! But I hope you don't need it until next winter!
klilise (author) 1 year ago
Thank you, I have always found them very warm
NIce! look so warm!