Step 2: Installing the Water Return System

phase one
take your five foot piece of 3/4" plastic hose and cut in half.
insert a 3/4" connector to one end of each piece of hose.
connect both pieces of hose with the "T" connector.
insert "T" connector into grommet of reservoir bucket.
now that you have grommets and connectors on your hose and buckets, connect the other two buckets to the main reservoir.
your main reservoir will now be centralized in your system.

phase two.
fill a separate 5 gallon bucket with water and test pH levels using a pH tester kit.
you may need to use your pH up or pH down to adjust your levels accordingly.
once pH levels are optimal, you can dump your water into the buckets. the water level should equalize quickly.

well written and easy to follow!

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