Picture of How To Make A Muppet - Style Puppet for $25
Have you ever wanted to build your own Muppet - style puppet? Well we'll show you how for only $25! Watch this video below and subscribe to iTunes and if you still want a more detailed description, read on!

First, you'll need to buy a few things to make it. Here's a shopping list:

1. A good-sized piece of Styro Foam or soft Foam. (This is going to be used to make the all important puppet head. So keep that in mind when deciding on a size. They usually come in blocks or spheres)

2. One yard of stretchy fleece. (Color of your choice, this is going to be the puppet skin.)

3. Some children's clothes. (I know it feels creepy, but go to Good Will and buy your puppet some clothes.)

4. Something to make the eyes. (I've used white plastic bottle caps, construction paper, chap stick caps, and those stick on googly eyes. Be creative!)

5. Some black and red felt.

6. Something for the hair. (This could be a cheap wig, pieces of felt cut into strips, or just a hat!)

7. Hot glue gun, or spray adhesive.

8. A needle and thread.

Step 1: Building the Head

Picture of Building the Head
While this is the most important part of the puppet, it is not terribly complicated. If your using soft foam you'll have to get your hands on an electric turkey carver. If you have styro foam a turkey carver or a steak knife will work. First cut the basic shape of your puppet head out of your block or sphere of foam. Start small and make incremented cuts. Eventually a new puppet skull will emerge. Much like people, puppets come in all shapes and sizes. So don't be afraid to use wacky forms!
diana.deleon2007 made it!6 months ago
Thanks for posting this. My daughter had a class assignment to make a puppet of Maya Angelou. We followed your instructions and she came out perfect!
anapet011 year ago
You guys should make a batarang we want to make one for school
mattz6 years ago
Hey, looks like I've been uhh...volunteered shall we say to construct possibly two of these for some friends in what will probably be a most rapid fashion. The catch I'm facing is one of them is gonna need to be a Cookie Monster styled puppet. Any thoughts on what would be a more furry/shaggy material for a Cookie Monster? Otherwise, this tutorial looks awesome for my purposes. Thanks Indymogul!
oedalis mattz3 years ago
I know you posted this years ago but figured I'd answer in case anyone else was wondering the same thing. Fabric stores sell a wide variety of fabric and amongst them is usually a fair range of faux furs often in some pretty wild colors. For best results go to a big fabric store that has a lot of stock. They'll be more likely to carry something in blue.
For people inclined to crafts, one could also go the route of knitting / crocheting a tube out of some blue "eyelash" or "fun-fur" novelty yarn.
mr_reese5 years ago
Very useful. I used this instructable and a little of my own creativity and came up with this. His name is Franklin
First puppet.JPG
Franklin! HA thats great
You AND your puppet are both adorable!
Tsquared3 years ago
this is so fun i also did it for a science project on hurricanes and the end result was awsome
MFT_CORP4 years ago
For the eyes you can use a half ping pong ball....
You spelled Jim Henson wrong... But overall this was cool.
cocaswa4 years ago
I really enjoyed this instructable, it's really good.
I wanted to say that you can also use a paint spray (in whatever color you like, I chose a skin-orangy kind of color), that works really well too. Make sure though that you are pleased with your design before you paint it. Here are some foto's of the spraying result.
elkalpin6 years ago
I used a foam nerf-type ball for the head!
handy-_-man6 years ago
oh my gosh dude.. this is THE ABSOLUTE BEST instructable i have come across! it was so easy to follow! and i followed it to a T and I made a B-E-A-UTIFUL puppet for the project in my science class definitly A++ material thank you, Handy-_-Man
ferf's muppet puppet.jpg
are you the maker of the website indymogul?
TeratoMarty6 years ago
A thought on how to avoid going over budget: raid your thrift store of choice for sofa cushions and old coats. The cushions are big blocks of semi-rigid foam. Though they aren't as convenient as the foot-square block, you can cut them in quarters and use the adhesive to glue the bits together in a stack; there's you're cube. A fairly big coat can provide enough "skin" for a puppet; use the back of the coat for the face, and make smaller bits like hands or legs out of the arms of the coat. Kermit, after all, was made from Jim Henson's mom's old coat. You can price out the difference between an oversize thrift store coat and an equivalent chunk of new fabric; they run about neck-and-neck.
Mr. Brownie6 years ago
i've been watching for a while and finally found this
Sunny1246137 years ago
brick1993xx7 years ago
slimguy3797 years ago
muppets use ping pong balls for eyes
saradono7 years ago
Great idea and relatively easy to follow... time consuming but definately fun. I used this to make ot a full puppet but a hand puppet head only. Worked great. Very pleased.
Alathald7 years ago
This is awesome, I grew up on the muppets (well, who didn't?) so I'll definitely have to try this if I ever get the free time. BTW, I can just see someones spiky hair behind your muppet in the first pic...at least I think it's someones hair...+1 at any rate!
Legoman588 years ago
ok i don't get this one part, cutting the head, how should i do it , like what would bottom view look like, it's hard to explain, " simpler" how do i build the head. there.
use a sharp knife to carve the rough shape and clay tools to work out the details try for a roughly skull shaped form
Ward_Nox8 years ago
after hearing about this
I REALLY want to make one
This is my favorite epsiode of Indy Mogul! Thanks!
Legoman588 years ago
ok i am sorry i don't get this at all, the pictures don't help!
John Smith8 years ago
Hilarious video... I might try it.
Vinstepula8 years ago
Oh my gosh that was a funny video. I'll have to try to make my own puppet. Great job.
CarpetGnome8 years ago
Well done! I have to try this. Thanks Much.
Aeshir8 years ago
ewilhelm8 years ago
I liked this video and Instructable, too!