Step 7: Puppet Hands

Picture of Puppet Hands
Now if your puppet doesn't need to hold anything or use their hands, then you're done! However, adding a puppet hand is really easy and will make your puppet much more convincing. Lay your hand on a piece of the fleece we used for skin. Rest you middle and ring finger close together and all other fingers spread apart. Using a pen trace around your hand to make the outline of a 3 fingered hand. Cut that out and set it over another piece of fleece, trace and cut. Now using a simple stitch sew around the edges. For tips on sewing check out ThreadBanger.com. Turn it inside out and like magic you have a puppet hand you can wear like a glove.

Congratulations you're the next Jim Hensen! For tips on framing for puppets watch Backyard FX 2. The easiest way is to use a table or windowsill to hide the puppeteer.

Questions and comments are always welcome. Thanks everybody!
You spelled Jim Henson wrong... But overall this was cool.
saradono7 years ago
Great idea and relatively easy to follow... time consuming but definately fun. I used this to make ot a full puppet but a hand puppet head only. Worked great. Very pleased.