A Ball Made Out Of The Neocube By Strong Force Inc.
Their Website (To Buy/For Info)

Step 1: String the Neocube

Put Balls Into A String

Step 2: Make Triangles

You Will Need To Make 20 Triangles (Will Be 4 Extra Triangles In The Set)

Step 3: Make These Shapes

Look At Image To Make Shapes

Step 4: Connect Shapes

Step 5: Connect Ends

Connect The Ends Of The Shape And Remove Fingers
It Should Ball Up By Itself

Step 6: BONUS

To Make A Stand With The 4 Remaining Triangles
Connect As Shown In Picture
Fold Up
<p>You can buy NeoCube on http://www.supracube.com</p>
circles of 9*
its so cool because i have only had the neo cube for 3 days and i cant stop playing with it
Aren't those also called buckyballs?
neocube is a different brand
buckyballs are slightly different, this should still work for buckyballs, but I got Neocube
Don't you just hate it when one single magnet goes missing? I sure know I do...
That Happened To Me, Thank God It Came With Spares
Lucky you, mine didn't &gt;:(

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