How To Make A Nether Portal In Minecraft Pocket Edition

Picture of How To Make A Nether Portal In Minecraft Pocket Edition
******* NOTE ********* In the photos Red wool= already placed cobble Blue wool= already placed gold blocks Purple wool= already placed nether core reactor ~~~ GOOD TO KNOW ~~~~ Make the portal away from your house!!!! When you activate it netherrack spawns everywhere!!! And obsidian spawns over the reactor
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Step 1: You Will Need:

Picture of You Will Need:
- 10 cobblestone - 4 gold blocks (36 gold ingots) - 1 nether reactor core (3 diamonds, 6 iron ingots) OPTIONAL: - Armor - Diamond Pick-axe -Sword

Step 2: Make The Base

Picture of Make The Base
Place 3 cobblestones side by side, followed by one on each side of the middle

Step 3: Fill In The Corners

Picture of Fill In The Corners
Fill in the 4 corners with 1 gold block each corner

Step 4: Core

Picture of Core
Place the nether core reactor in the center of the square

Step 5: Completing The Pattern

Picture of Completing The Pattern
On top of the core place 1 cobble and 1 on each side Confusing right? ?_? Just follow the photo

Step 6: All Done

Picture of All Done
When your ready just punch the core
bigriley made it!3 months ago

i made it need help

There are seriously no nether portals in pe only PC so u can dream all u want but it's never gonna happen
ylacsamana3 months ago
can do it in creative???? version 8.1 pocket edition
horses3410 months ago
Cool, I didn't know that you could make nether portals on PC
Bobey1 year ago
I wish I could do it on survival but still I followed u
jabette (author) 1 year ago
You cant do it on creative, it has to be survival
usernamess1 year ago
Is it creative