I hope you enjoy this Minecraft series and please comment on what i should do next!

Step 1: You Will Need Obsidian for the First Step

First grab your obsidian and make a 5 by 4 rectangle.

Step 2: You Will Need Flint and Steel for Step 2

Grab your flint and steel and light the nether portal. Then jump in the middle and you will teleport to the nether.
<p>yes i just got it . thanks it worked a lot.</p>
<p>Didnt work</p>
Glitch! Make a nether portal in the nether!?
<p>I know I tried to do it let's just say it did not work out very well :) :/</p>
<p>how to light portal with flint &amp; steel?</p>
<p>you just put the flint and steel in the middle of the obsidian</p>
<p>it is not working for me it just keeps going on fire help me please</p>
<p>I had the same problem you need to make sure the obsidian is 4 blocks along</p><p>The way and 5 blocks up the way and then join them together then after that put the flint and steel in the middle of the obsidian and there you go</p>
Yay thank you so much it workt
<p>I made this with my son and it worked we got him to the Nether and he was so excited!!! Thanks so much!</p>
<p>I made a video walkthrough of how to get Obsidian, build a Nether Portal, and then entering The Nether (Hell basically) in the game Minecraft on PS4.</p><p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiXGdH_6_XE" rel="nofollow">Minecraft: Secrets 5 - Enter Hell (Obsidian, The Nether, Nether Portal, Flint and Steel)</a></p>
What version is it in the cp
<p>yes i am on the pc </p>
<p>so helpful! Thanks!</p>
<p>Really! i've been trying to do one </p>
Hay thanks
Hay you gonna reply
I hope your method works!
<p>I made it, but it just takes me to a place with just red blocks.</p>
<p>That's the nether</p>
You have to use pc xbox or playstation
<p>it did not work does it work in creative? and what are you using?</p>
<p>you can do it on creative and with your cat!!! Rube whiskers went with me for the great blaze hunt</p>
You can also make it in larger sizes . You can ALSO make it WITHOUT diamond pick axe (I'll put an instructable about that soon)
Yeah i know that just making the whole thing
You can take off the four corners you know that right
I know that just making the whole thing
<p>Tip: You don't need the 4 corners. </p>

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