Picture of How To Make A Nice Decorative Egg!!!!!
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Step 1: Blowing A Egg Till

Picture of Blowing A Egg Till
13, 3:48 PM.jpg
13, 3:48 PM.jpg
Blowing a egg is a very important step.To do this you need a egg,drinking straw,needle/thumbtack,and a bowl.you poke holes in the top and bottom of the egg and put a Drinking straw at the top and blow out the yolk and egg white into the bowl (you can save the yolk for cooking).

Step 2: Washing Out/drying The Egg

Picture of Washing Out/drying The Egg
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Now you have to wash your egg out by putting the blown-out egg under running water so it doesn't smell bad.After you wash your egg you should put it in the microwave on high for 25-30 seconds be careful it's hot!

Step 3: Decorating The Egg

Picture of Decorating The Egg
Your doing good! Now you can decorate your egg.I would recommend you paint the egg a light or medium color because it would look more fancy.Also if your putting fake gems be very careful putting them on due to the glue you should probably use tweezers and a little bit of glue on so glue patches aren't all over your egg.

Step 4: Done!

Picture of Done!
You are now done!congrats!!!