Picture of How To Make A Origami Paper Tank

This is a Origami Paper Tank and you can make a lot of them and make a war scene. You can also make them for your kids to play with.

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Step 1: Getting The Materials

Picture of Getting The Materials

First you are going to need 1 sheet of print paper and a sticky note.

Step 2: The Origami Fold

Picture of The Origami Fold

Take a corner and fold it to the side and make a crease. Unfold it and do the same to the other corner and unfold. Now you should have an "x". Take both sides of the "x" and push them in, then make a crease so it should look like a triangle. Repeat the same to the other side.

Step 3: Making The Wheels

Picture of Making The Wheels

Now turn it so both points are pointing at left and right. Take both flaps and fold them to the other side. Then take the top side of the paper and fold it to the middle. Now take that side to folded and fold it up and unfold the flaps that you folded to the other side. Do the same to the other side.

Step 4: Making The Tank Appear

Picture of Making The Tank Appear

Pick one side but your only doing this one time. Take the corners and fold them down and leave a gap in the middle. The gap is going to be where the barrel is going to be. Then flip it over and fold the side you've chosen back and fold the other side back on top of the other side.

Step 5: Locking In The Flaps

Picture of Locking In The Flaps

Unfold the side you just folded and there should be two flaps. Take the two flaps and put them under the other side's flaps. Then flatten it and there should be two flaps not locked in yet. Take one of the flaps and bring them to the side. There should be a little pocket in each side. Now stick the two flaps in that pocket.

AdityaJain made it!2 months ago
It is cute. I made two of them.
Abigail021 year ago
That is so cute!!
TheOrigamiBoy (author)  Abigail0212 months ago
TheOrigamiBoy (author) 1 year ago
i might make an insturctable of how to make a mini paper tank
TheOrigamiBoy (author)  TheOrigamiBoy1 year ago
should i make an insturctable of how to make a mini paper tank?reply if you want me
tofugami1 year ago
My brother taught me how to make this when I was 7. I was just thinking about this today too. We folded the barrel piece a bit different but I like yours too.
TheOrigamiBoy (author)  tofugami1 year ago
how do you fold it your way?

This way as shown in the pictures I just took. The tank had a simpler fold but the reason for that was so its counterpart, the airplane could also double-up on it.

(Double-click on them to enlarge it.)

photo 1 (1).JPGphoto 2 (1).JPG
TheOrigamiBoy (author) 1 year ago
enjoy playing it or displaying it! :)