Hello, this time I will show ya'll how to make a PB&J! This is not very complicated or time consuming, and will satisfy your hunger!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials.

In order to make a PB&J; you must first get a couple of things: 1. A butter knife 2. Bread 3. Jelly 4. Peanut butter 5. A counter

Step 2: Get Bread

1. Get bread 2. Open bread 3. Take out two slices 4. Close bag 5. Put bread away

Step 3: Get Peanut Butter

Get the peanut butter and 1 slice of bread. 2. Open peanut butter 3 get butter knife 4 put knife in jar and get peanut butter 5. Spread peanut butter onto bread 6. Close peanut butter jar 7. Wash knife or get new one

Step 4: Get Jelly

Get the jelly and the other slice of bread. 2. Open jelly 3 get butter knife 4 put knife in jar and get jelly 5. Spread jelly onto bread 6. Close jelly jar

Step 5: Put Bread Together

1. Take both slices of bread 2. Put them together. You now have a sandwich 3 put all your supplies away in the correct places

Step 6: Fill Up Your Tummy!

Now fill your tummy with your yummy sandwich!

Step 7: Links and More!

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Once again, a stupid idea. But once again, I LOVE IT!!!!! you are the only awesome person who would do something like this. I admire you forever!!!!!! XD
Haha, I think I'll show y'all how to fix a lawn mower next.
<p>oh yeah???</p>
what should i do next?
<p>you could do......</p><p><strong><em>How to make a glass of water</em></strong> or <strong><em>how to walk???!!!</em></strong></p>
Thanks for subbing! I'll sub back. You just gave me the best idea ever
<p>yup!!!!!</p><p>I knew it was a good idea!!! Well I don't know how to eat so... :)</p>
I also think the tools your using are inadequate for the job :P
really im sure iv got an easier way
prove it!! :D
This... Solves all my problems!! XD

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