In This Instructable, You Will Learn That How To Make A PCB In Just 9 EASY Steps. You Can Make Any PCB In Your Home With This Tutorial, There Is NO NEED OF ORDERING THE PCB ONLINE WHICH IS VERY EXPENSIVE. This Does NOT Require Any Special Skills

Things Needed :-
1. Copper Clad Board
2. Glossy Photo Paper or Magazine Paper (I Used Glossy Photo Paper)
3. Copper Etching Chemical (Ferric Chloride or Hydrogen Peroxide) (I Used Ferric Chloride)
4. Iron
5. 2 Containers (1 Small And 1 Big) (Make Sure That The Smaller One Gets Fitted Between The Bigger One, There Must Be Space                 Between Them)   
6. Hand Drill Machine (With 1mm Bit)
7. Laser Printer (If You Don't Have Then Draw the Designs With Permanent Marker On Copper Clad Board)
8. PCB Designs On Your Computer (Make Your Own In Proteus Software)

Step 1: Design Your Schematics and Print Them

Download Any Design Or Make Your Own. I Used Proteus.

Print The Design On Glossy Photo Paper Or Magazine Paper Using Laser Printer Only.

If You Don't Have A Laser Printer Then You Can Draw The Design With Permanent Marker On The Copper Clad Board.
It's not important<br>
<p>oh ok </p>
<p>can i do the printing part with a photocopier?</p>
Yes you can!<br>
<p>and what should i use to protect the tracks in the PCB from<br><em> oxidation ?<br></em></p>
<p>Thanks for answer :)</p>
Couldn't I just draw all of it with a Sharpie
You can, but it won't be as accurate as it'll be when you print it.
<p>grt tutotal ... but i m stuck at printing part ... i have an inkjet printer ... what should i do ? i used express pcb to design layout .... </p>
<p>sorry, but u cannot do it with an inkjet printer, u can use a shared laser printer of someone u know!.</p><p>Thank You</p>
Just to make sure before I mess it up, if you don't have a laser printer, you can draw it with a sharpie?
thanks for the reply ..... is there any alternative way to laser printer ? i know its silly but at current situation worth A TRY FOR ME ...
<p>That's bad ass.</p>
<p>what is the track size in proteus you used ?</p>
<p>what is do you made?</p>
I've made a VU METER.
<p>bhai, photo studio me photo paper rehethe na.. vo istamal kar sakthe he?</p>
<p>After the iron,under the copper it's all black, is it possible that my <br>iron is too hot, the iron settings is before steam. What do you suggest? <br> thank you!|</p>
<p>After Ironing, The Printed Tracks(On Paper) Will Be Transferred To The Plate, And After That You Have To Dip That Plate In Ferric Chloride.</p>
thanks,it's clear explained.
Welcome :)

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