How To Make A PDF Folder For Your Downloaded 'Ibles PDF's

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in this instructable, i am going to teach you how to make a folder for your Instructable PDF's that you downloaded from the Instructables website...Now i know what y'all are thinkin..."how damn hard is it to make a folder for my downloads?!?" well, if you would like to keep the PDF's tidy so you can easily find them this 'Ible is for you.
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Step 1: Make Your Folder

Picture of Make Your Folder
PDF Folder 3.png
On WIN7 find a blank spot on the screen and right click. Select "New" then  "Folder". Name the folder you just made whatever you want that reminds you Instructable PDF's are in it. then open the file and put your  'Ibles in the folder. Looks like a mess huh?...the folder i have has 206 Ibles PDF's in it right now...that doesnt count the files downloaded from the ibles that have a file attached to it. crazy huh?

Step 2: Create Sub-Folders

Picture of Create Sub-Folders
PDF Folder 5.png
PDF Folder 6.png
PDF Folder 7.png
PDF Folder 8.png
Now were going to create Primary Sub-Folders. this is one of a few hard parts. I PERSONALLY, decided to make my folders mimic that of the Main Links at the top of this page, and Sub-Links of all the sections of Instructables (Except the E-Books section where i am just going to include the corresponding E-book into the section they reflect (ie...Guide to PCB's (no idea if thats a real guide) goes into technology, guide to baseball goes into outdoors, etc. etc.)). Really make the Primary, and Secondary folders USER FRIENDLY TO YOU (since YOUR the one using it).

After you make your folders, organize your PDF's according to the Primary Folder they would be (ie, arduino w/ tech, wood stove w/ workshop etc.)

Then dive into your Sub-Folders and further segregate the PDF's by the Sub-topic they stand in ( ie, tech/usb/deaddrops, food/drinks/bahama mama, etc.)
Personally i leave the e-books out of the sub-folders. BUT if you feel inclined to do so, you can create a specific E-Book/guide sub folder.

The following images is what your folder setup should look like.
Truehart3 years ago
So simple that it's easily overlooked. Thanks for the 'ible!
sokamiwohali (author)  Truehart3 years ago
Thanks for the comment, and glad you liked this 'Ible!! It is reasonably simple. the MOST difficult part of the project is trying to figure out where you want the PDF's to go in the folders and sub folders. it took an hour for me to organize all of my PDF'as becuase i have about ~200-250 'Ibles PDF's.