Introduction: Paper Baskets

Hi! This Instructable shows how to make a paper basket that is approximately 4" x 4" x 4". I created this to use as an Easter basket, but it will of course work for other purposes.

If you'd like to see this in video form, click the video above :)

You will need:

- 3 colors of paper (heavier weighted paper will work best - construction paper, cardstock, etc.)

- Glue (A glue gun works well for this)

Step 1: Cut the Paper Into Strips

Picture of Cut the Paper Into Strips

You'll need to cut the paper into 1" wide strips. You can measure the first one, then use it as a pattern and trace it to create the others.

- Cut four 14" long pieces of the first color of paper.

- Cut four 14" long pieces of the second color.

- Cut five 18" long pieces of the third color.

-Set one of these aside to use as the handle for the basket.

If you don't have paper that is long enough, you can tape two pieces together.

Step 2: Arrange 4 Pieces

Picture of Arrange 4 Pieces

Arrange the first two colors (14" pieces) in the pattern above.

Step 3: Weave in 4 Pieces

Picture of Weave in 4 Pieces

Weave in 4 pieces (14" ones) horizontally so it looks like the picture above.

Step 4: Adjust Everything

Picture of Adjust Everything

Adjust the pieces so the inner square is about 4" x 4", and the outer pieces are at least 4".

Step 5: Glue Down Each Corner

Picture of Glue Down Each Corner

Step 6: Fold All Pieces Inwards

Picture of Fold All Pieces Inwards

Fold each piece inwards towards the center.

Step 7: Mark and Fold the 18" Pieces

Picture of Mark and Fold the 18" Pieces

On 4 of the 18" pieces, measure and make a mark every 4". Then fold the paper on each mark.

Once you've done this, glue the ends together on each piece.

Step 8: Weave Each of These 4 Pieces In

Picture of Weave Each of These 4 Pieces In

Weave in each of these pieces to form the basket. Follow an under / over pattern with the outside pieces. If the 1st piece goes under, the next piece should go over.

After this, the leftover paper at the top can be folded over (if long enough), or just trimmed an glued to the side.

Step 9: Glue on the Handle, and You're Done!

Picture of Glue on the Handle, and You're Done!

Glue each side of the handle to the inside of the basket, and you're done! You've just made a paper basket.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. If you make this, I'd love to see it! Tag me on instagram @wherethecreativethingsare.

Thank you!


jewels1994 (author)2016-03-08

It takes a while and doesn't always turn out so well. I like the idea though!

Maydethg1016 (author)jewels19942017-02-04

yeah mines didn't look so good

anniecat (author)2015-07-19


sarahndipity (author)anniecat2015-07-20

Thank you!!

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