How to Make a Paper Iphone Dock in 1 Minute





Introduction: How to Make a Paper Iphone Dock in 1 Minute

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How to make a paper iphone dock using 10x10 paper sheet 
it is so easy to make 

Step 1: Let's Start

Let's start using the 10x10 paper sheet fold it like shown
 and make it looks like triangle

Step 2:

fold it again to make it looks like triangle 

Step 3:

fold the two sides  like that to make a 90º angle

Step 4: Finishing ?!!

open the last two folds that we made

Step 5: But Your Mobile

but your mobile on the stand and DONE!



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    Simple, functional, and I didn't even have to leave my desk for materials. I didn't even use scissors (the old crease and tear works great). Thanks!

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    thanks the idea came to me while i was making some origami models bymyself

    It seems this can be customized to personal preferences as well, such as using a larger piece of paper for increased stability or changing the angle of the last two folds depending on preferred viewing angle.