Introduction: How to Make a Paper Plane Rocket Bomb

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Have you ever wanted to participate in those oh-so-fun looking Nerf Wars that your friends are always having, but can't because you don't have any Nerf stuff? Well, you're in luck! You can easily build a paper Nerf-ish bomb out of paper that will make you a big threat to the opposing forces! The paper bomb is simple to build and simple to use, sharing the same basic principles as a paper airplane.

So let's get started and build your arsenal!

But really, you should consider getting an actual Nerf gun sometime soon... (I'm kidding!).

Step 1: Paper

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To build the Rocket Bomb, you will only need a piece of paper and (optional-but recommended) some tape.

Step 2: Folds 1-4

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Take your piece of paper, and set it in portrait format (vertical). Next, fold it in half "hot dog style" (longways). Then, fold down the top corners of the paper to the center line. Finally, fold the top of the paper down to create a flat top, as shown.

Step 3: Folds 5-8

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Fold the paper in half once again. Next, Fold down each side to the front, as shown. Then, fold down the back of each side. Finally, open the rocket from the inside and expand it to form a rocket. Apply tape down the middle fold if desired.

Step 4: Done!!!

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Congratulations!!! You now have your very own Paper Rocket Bomb! Make as many as you will need, and have fun participating in your future Nerf Wars! And remember- get a Nerf gun!!!


hunter999 (author)2013-10-25

Very creative! How do you come up with these designs? So you draw them out and then attempt a prototype or something? because these are pretty neat, yet complex!

nerfrocketeer (author)hunter9992013-10-26

No, usually I just fool around with the paper until something forms, then I modify it into something worth making! Thanks!

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