Introduction: How to Make a Paper Puppet in Under 90 Seconds!

This is a cool little paper puppet I learned how to make when I was a kid. It's very easy to make.

- 1st you need a blank sheet of paper and a pen.
- Fold the paper in half long ways
- Fold it again.
- Fold it in half to make a crease in the middle.
- Now open it back up.
- Now fold each end towards the middle crease.
- Now fold it once more.
- Grab your pen and draw 2 eyes, nostrils, and a tongue.
- Slip your index & middle finger in one hole, and your thumb in
the other hole.
- You got yourself a paper puppet!

This video will give you step-by-step visual instructions on how to make a paper puppet in under 90 seconds!


rkck (author)2017-05-29

I can't watch the video.

alakanandab (author)2015-06-23

i cant watch the video

ChipzAhoyMcCoy (author)2013-11-30

I made one in study hall a few days ago. My friends love it!

alexplay123 (author)2012-02-29

Nice! thank you for the tutorial. I made in 40 sec! (O_e)

guitarmonk15 (author)2009-10-03

cool and cute. like the little attack at the end. keep it up!

ellora (author)2009-09-11

Cute. The instructable could have done with some pictures, especially that of the final puppet, but still cute.

GorillazMiko (author)2007-12-06

cool! (favorited)

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