Step 10: Melting the Cord Ends

*NOTE* hot plastic isn’t fun and can burn you pretty bad! Use caution when melting the cord ends!!

You will notice in this picture that the turquoise set of cords are melted and the blue cords are cut and ready to be melted. Take your lighter and place the flame as close as you can to the cut cords. You really need them to get nice and melty. When the cord ends turn brown and get bubbly, take the flat side of your scissors and press the hot cord onto the collar. You might have to have another pass with the lighter if the cords haven’t fused properly. When both ends are melted, they’ll look like the second picture

U need to be able to do this colar and lease and able to hook tags for a service dog but also completely eithout metal. Its easier in airports without metal. .can anyone help?
<p>Go on e-bay. They have all the parts you need in plastic.</p>
I need**
Dog harness
Great instructions. I have a question though: I wanted to make a 22&quot; collar, I measured out 88&quot; of cord, but my collar only turned out to be 12&quot;. Any suggestions?
Alternatively, you can clamp it to a door, so the cord(s) fall straight (and untwist) when you aren't working with them, so the knots will lay straighter.
since you wait until the last step to burn the ends, tightly winding some scotch tape around the ends should work. i use this of my shoes when the aglets wear off...
I know your post is like 3 years old, but if you don't know this you need to know it... <br> <br>Play with heat shrink tubing... Works awesome for rope ends and aglet replacements!
I would add another metal d ring so that the leash attached to both sides of the snap.
Good idea. A turn buckle or a small caribiner and a steel O ring would do it too.
is that slap hard enough to hold the dog ? i have APBT and he is pulling like bull.
If it's made out of paracord, (one length of paracord can hold 550 lbs. [In weight] ) But then again any knot in any length of cord or rope deduces it's strength by 50%
can you make a paracord dog walkking harness?
whouldint it choke her in the rain
thanks.veeeeeeeeery nice.
Is that a Vizla its so cute, i have one too
I prefer a ''stick'' lighter to melt cords, as I find I am less likely to burn my fingers.&nbsp; I&nbsp;mean the kind you can light a candle with.
I cheat and skip this step...I am barefoot most of the time anyhow, so I&nbsp;run a large loop thru the other side and hook it over my big toe.....Start off sitting 'indian style' and then extend your leg as you need to. This way I can work anywhere I want.&nbsp; This is the method I used as a kid when I used to make lanyards and friendship bracelets..
Love all your instructables, and your blog, almost as much as I love your pictures of Jersey. :)&nbsp; I think the pathos of dog photo faces is inversely related to their degree of spoilage.&nbsp; (Which means Jersey is a testament to what a nice life he has!)&nbsp; Please keep up your great ideas!<br />

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