How To Make A Paracord Dog Collar Using The Seesaw Knot


Step 3: Clamping the Snap

Picture of Clamping the Snap

Clamp the snap down onto a steady surface like a table. This will keep the snap steady and you will be able to put tension on the cords when you are knotting.

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kangel12 years ago
Alternatively, you can clamp it to a door, so the cord(s) fall straight (and untwist) when you aren't working with them, so the knots will lay straighter.
rozalinda4 years ago
thanks.veeeeeeeeery nice.
rhaubejoi5 years ago
I cheat and skip this step...I am barefoot most of the time anyhow, so I run a large loop thru the other side and hook it over my big toe.....Start off sitting 'indian style' and then extend your leg as you need to. This way I can work anywhere I want.  This is the method I used as a kid when I used to make lanyards and friendship bracelets..