Step 9: Finishing The Cord Ends Part Two

Picture of Finishing The Cord Ends Part Two

This is where your hemostat clamp comes in handy. If you don’t have a hemostat, that’s okay. This knotting work isn’t really tight, so a pair of needle nose pliers will work just fine. Find where the turquoise cord passes under a blue cord. Pass the hemostat underneath the blue cord, grasp the turquoise cord with the hemostats and pull through. Repeat this with the blue cord. Do this "back knotting" one more time . Now stretch the collar out with your handsto let the cords `settle` and trim the cords as close as you can to the collar.

since you wait until the last step to burn the ends, tightly winding some scotch tape around the ends should work. i use this of my shoes when the aglets wear off...