Since I've shown you how to make the dog collar, let's make the matching dog leash! It's actually easier to make than the collar, you'll just need a little more paracord.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

You’ll need a few basic tools to make this project. A C-clamp, hemostat clamps, scissors, a lighter, a flexible measuring tape, a dog leash snap and paracord.

Parachute cord shrinks by 10% when it gets wet. To preshrink the paracord, soak it in hot water for 5 minutes and then hang it to dry. You can also use the washing machine & dryer, it's up to you.

To determine how much paracord you will need, the project length must be broken down into inches and multiplied by five. So, I’m making a four foot leash with a five inch allowance to make a handle loop. Therefore 53″ X 5 = 265″. For making this leash I will need TWO cords that EACH measure 265″ long

Thanks for the tutorial just finished my first : )
Good Instructable! Instead of burning the ends, use heat shrink tubing. It looks much cleaner!
So a six foot leash would be 77" x 5=385" correct? So that would mean I would need two 32 foot cords of paracord?
Excellent instructions and excellent finished product!! Thank you. Have made 6 leases now and all my dog owner friends will be getting these (and matching collar) for Chrismas!! thanks again!! Jeff
I just made one of these tonight and I really love how it looks but I was really disappointed on the length. I have a 4 month old Great Dane puppy with massive lines so she's going to be a very large dog and I did my numbers for a 6 foot leash and it came out at about 4 feet... :( I did my knots pretty tight but took into consideration the note that if pulled too tight it will twist, but I felt it was at a good tension. I'm not sure what went wrong but something did somewhere along the line. Either way, its a great instructable and I enjoyed this evenings craft. I can always redo it and use more cord.
Where do you get different colors of Para Cord? The only colors I have found are OD green ,Black and Tan
http://myworld.ebay.com/5staredc/?_trksid=p4340.l2559&lt;---This guy has a lot of colors, cheap too.<br>
What kind of time are you looking at to make one of these?<br><br>thanks :)
I have a 92 pound Bull and Pit mix.&nbsp; Will this cord be strong enough?&nbsp; <br /> <br /> Thanks&lt;<br /> Micheal
&nbsp;considering that each strand of parachute cord can hold 550 lbs, this would definitely hold him
Finished mine today.&nbsp; Thanks for the instructable!.&nbsp; It didn't take as much paracord as stated, but I tie my knots tight.&nbsp; I can't wait to make the matching collars for my Carin Terriers! Great pictures and description, really helps make it easy. :)<br />
A soldering iron or wood burning tool work well for melting paracord ends in place.<br />
Good 'ible - rather than using the lighter to seal the cord ends, why not use a hot knife? An old kitchen knife, heated up in a flame, is a great way to make a neat cut.
i have a hot knife that is used to shape styrofoam with &amp; i've found that it will cut the paracords okay, but it doesn't do a good job sealing the ends. maybe a hot pointy kitchen knife could do the trick, i'll have to try it sometime.
This is cool a great project for a cubscout pack and then donate to a animal shelter<br />
didn't think of that. what a great idea!!

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