Picture of How To Make A Paracord Dog Leash Using The Seesaw Knot
Since I've shown you how to make the dog collar, let's make the matching dog leash! It's actually easier to make than the collar, you'll just need a little more paracord.

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Step 1: Tools And Supplies

Picture of Tools And Supplies

You’ll need a few basic tools to make this project. A C-clamp, hemostat clamps, scissors, a lighter, a flexible measuring tape, a dog leash snap and paracord.

Parachute cord shrinks by 10% when it gets wet. To preshrink the paracord, soak it in hot water for 5 minutes and then hang it to dry. You can also use the washing machine & dryer, it's up to you.

To determine how much paracord you will need, the project length must be broken down into inches and multiplied by five. So, I’m making a four foot leash with a five inch allowance to make a handle loop. Therefore 53″ X 5 = 265″. For making this leash I will need TWO cords that EACH measure 265″ long

nmoore191 year ago
Thanks for the tutorial just finished my first : )
bsilha1 year ago
Good Instructable! Instead of burning the ends, use heat shrink tubing. It looks much cleaner!
ree26122 years ago
So a six foot leash would be 77" x 5=385" correct? So that would mean I would need two 32 foot cords of paracord?
drjeffff3 years ago
Excellent instructions and excellent finished product!! Thank you. Have made 6 leases now and all my dog owner friends will be getting these (and matching collar) for Chrismas!! thanks again!! Jeff
I just made one of these tonight and I really love how it looks but I was really disappointed on the length. I have a 4 month old Great Dane puppy with massive lines so she's going to be a very large dog and I did my numbers for a 6 foot leash and it came out at about 4 feet... :( I did my knots pretty tight but took into consideration the note that if pulled too tight it will twist, but I felt it was at a good tension. I'm not sure what went wrong but something did somewhere along the line. Either way, its a great instructable and I enjoyed this evenings craft. I can always redo it and use more cord.
Where do you get different colors of Para Cord? The only colors I have found are OD green ,Black and Tan
http://myworld.ebay.com/5staredc/?_trksid=p4340.l2559<---This guy has a lot of colors, cheap too.
ohowson4 years ago
What kind of time are you looking at to make one of these?

thanks :)
BigGryph5 years ago
I have a 92 pound Bull and Pit mix.  Will this cord be strong enough? 

 considering that each strand of parachute cord can hold 550 lbs, this would definitely hold him
buellboy4925 years ago
Finished mine today.  Thanks for the instructable!.  It didn't take as much paracord as stated, but I tie my knots tight.  I can't wait to make the matching collars for my Carin Terriers! Great pictures and description, really helps make it easy. :)
Stormdrane5 years ago
A soldering iron or wood burning tool work well for melting paracord ends in place.
Good 'ible - rather than using the lighter to seal the cord ends, why not use a hot knife? An old kitchen knife, heated up in a flame, is a great way to make a neat cut.
Doggie Stylish (author)  Celticonnection5 years ago
i have a hot knife that is used to shape styrofoam with & i've found that it will cut the paracords okay, but it doesn't do a good job sealing the ends. maybe a hot pointy kitchen knife could do the trick, i'll have to try it sometime.
happyman5 years ago
This is cool a great project for a cubscout pack and then donate to a animal shelter
Doggie Stylish (author)  happyman5 years ago
didn't think of that. what a great idea!!