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I was inspired when I read the comments on the easy paracord bin lid lifter, and one which was by darkbandit88 and read,
"I love the idea, but I would have to add a chute of some sort, because with my luck, I'd drop the garbage and I would miss, and then have go downstairs and clean up the mess! Haha."

So I thought long and hard on how to make a chute as of today I will no longer keep it secret (is been a week since I did the photos)(it was a good secret!!) you decide!!.

Why are you reading this?(go to step 1)

Step 1: Wrap Till Your Happy!

Yes this is step 1 you found it!!
When you are starting tie a clove hitch (look it up on Instructables (the second result is better))
Then run the paracord down or across to the next bar
There is three different ways I will show you
The first way do a clove hitch run the paracord to the next bar and wrap it around ten (yes ten times) (top photo) squeeze it together (bottom photo)
Go back and forth until you have filled one side of the chute
Scroll down to step 2
Awesome!!!! Glad I could assist in making this!
<p>Can you please make a link where it says &quot; paracord bin lid lifter&quot;?</p>

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