Easy Paracord Key Chain





Introduction: Easy Paracord Key Chain

Today I will show you how to make a paracord keychain.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need 4 to 5 feet of para cord a key ring a lighter and some scissors

Step 2: Starting Out

Once you get your para cord measured fold cord in half like so then loop key ring through the cord then pull tight

Step 3: Start Weaving

When you find your desired length start braiding when your at the fourth picture pull tight

Step 4: Your Second Braid

Again when you get to the fourth picture pull tight

Step 5: Countinuing Your Braids

Repeat step 3 and 4 back and forth until you reach your desired length

Step 6: Finishing Up

Cut remaining pieces of paracord off then burn

Step 7: Finished

And there's a finished paracord key chain

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why do mine keep coming out twisted? (like a drill bit)

I really like the bracelet version. But, now I have a long one of these until I find instructions for the bracelet. When we go camping we'll practice making and unmaking this, so when we need a rope it'll be really handy.

Here's my Version


its nice to make this key chain

Very clear instructions! Thank you.

I am pleased with the two I made. Not sure about the ends, which seem like they will eventually unravel, but as someone commented already, they should hold together for a while. This was a great first project, and increased my confidence to try another.

i make it and like it this is very use full

It's a good guide... like it very much. :D


it is very easy thanks