Introduction: How to Make a Pattern From a Hat You Already Have.

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While browsing on Pintrest I glanced at a tutorial on how they made a pattern of a jacket. So I said "Yeah what about a hat?" Hat to me are complicated little things that we put on our heads to keep warm. But then again they're extremely simple. So I decided to make a pattern from a hat I already have.

* your favorite hat
*foam board (thick poster board) or cardboard
*sewing pins
* pencil (eraser)
*sewing machine
* (optional)tape
* protractor or ruler

Step 1: Remove and Repeat

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Tape down the paper (or not)and fold the hat in half. Pin down the ear flap and the front and back. Make sure the pins go through the paper into the foam board. Once everything has been pinned remove the pins and with a pencil trace the pin holes.

Step 2: Pin the Dart

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In the middle there should be a dart . Remove some of the pins on the outside edge of the hat. Starting from the inside pin the dart down, removing pins from the edge as needed. After pinning I traced the pin line that I have just created. This will help in the placement and depth of the of the dart.

Step 3: Dart Time!

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I folded my hat again into fourths with the dart line in the middle. I placed the back of the hat so that it lines up with the end of the the line I drew for the ear flap and draw the curve of the dart connecting it to the bottom of the dart line. Repeat for the front of the hat. Make sure the two curves are equal in height. Draw a line connecting the top of the line you just drew to the bottom of the ear flap line. With a protractor I drew a half inch seam allowance around the entire pattern. After that I relished that I forgot about the other two darts on my hat. I then saw that the dart in the front was smaller than the one in the back. I placed the front of the hat to the front line and traced the curve of the dart. Repeat for the back dart. I then added a half inch of seam allowance add cut off the excess. This pattern is made to be cut on fold in the front so that there is not a ugly seam. Now the pattern is done!!

Step 4: Make Another Hat!

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Now that I finished my pattern I made a revesable hat out of fleece. First I folded the fleece in half and placed the front of the pattern on the fold. Then I cut it out, one in red and one in orange. I sewed the front dart on both the orange and red fleece. The orange fleece is the linning so I only sewed half of the back dart to leave a hole so the hat could be turned out. I placed the right side of the red hat inside the orange and sewed around the edge. I turned it right side out and sewed the hole close. Now the hat's done!!


Cindy02 (author)2014-01-24

That is so AWSOME

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