How to Make a Phone Wire Bracelet





Introduction: How to Make a Phone Wire Bracelet

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These wires are from a 25 pair telephone cable that was discarded at the office. It just didn't seem right to toss them!

I after pouring 15 ounces of epoxy I drilled a hole (the epoxy harden in about 5 hours ) for the inside diameter a 2 5/8"

After a quick turning to a smooth cylinder, I started sanding it... and sanding it... I wet sanded up to 400grit then switched to my high grit polishing pads. 1200 grit to 12000 grit! It's a long process! I still had to sand the inside... but I did that by hand. It took an hour or so.

I love the look with the wires and exposed cooper! Thanks for looking!



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    I have a large quantity of 100-pair phone cable like this that I just haven't wanted to take to a scrap dealer. For the cost of a padded envelope and postage, I'd be happy to send out, say, one foot lengths of it...more than enough to make one of these bracelets (or other things you might think of).

    Wow thanks for the offer! I'm afraid as a network engineer, I've got all the cable I could need. But maybe you'll extend to offer to another eager maker on here?!

    Sure...the offer is open to anyone reading the article and wanting to do it or something like least while my supply holds out.

    Nice job. I learn so much from Instructables.

    It has become my favorite website now.

    Best point learned from this was about the 'micromesh'.

    Did not know about that.


    What a brilliant idea! It looks really lovely too.

    It 's really nice.

    How did you come up with this idea?

    So cool! What brand of resin are you using? Pumps for measurement is brilliant.

    I used West System epoxy. It's a bit pricey and I think resin from the hobby store will be my next purchase!

    I actually really liked this. why not just cast in the shape you wanted originally?

    That would have been better! Hindsight and all... :)