Picture of How To Make A Pinhole Camera
Make your own camera out of materials around the house and take black and white photos with it.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
You will need a box, photo paper, thin piece of metal like a can or brass shim, tape, xacto knife, needle, and sand paper.
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ManasvC7 months ago

can we use Butter Paper?

No, It Has To Be Photo Paper

This Was My Science Project.


RyanO39 months ago

I think you forgot to mention that you need to develop the first image in order to actually get your negative. Once you have your negative you can use the glass to press the two pages together to make the positive. But thanks for these steps! I am giving this as a christmas present!

taeya10 months ago

eclipse , on October 23 so make your box tonight

abelw11 months ago

maybe this can help:


is photo paper the glossy paper used in printers?
No, photo paper is the light sensitive paper used by photographers to make prints from negatives. Print paper used in printers is a special type of ink jet paper and isn't light sensitive.
mtownsend6 years ago
Am I the only one who thought this meant a tiny little spy camera? I feel so uncultured when I'm on this site.
There was a famous photographer a while back who made a pinhole camera out of a button and went around Japan photographing people. I wish I could remember his name though, his work was amazing.
Yes, but the digital camera guy is right there with you.
I was thinking the exact same thing, but this is cool, too :)
1000383732 years ago
how can i download this article
1000383732 years ago
it is amazing
mcantu43 years ago
i think u need to elaborate more on the last part. that is the hardest part and there are no pics
mcantu43 years ago
where would i get a brass shim from
can i use a safelight for this step? like, while loading the paper...
Using a safelight should be fine. Just don't use a bulb higher than 25 watts and be sure not to get the paper closer that 3 feet to the safelight.
DemeGeek6 years ago
Why does everthing have to be perfectly still?
 the picture would be blury, like when you take  picture and your hand moves slightly, so it turns out a bit blurry, when the shutter is open taking a long exposure picture, its just like that shaky hand, but on a larger scale, if you can understand what i mean
right... and now everybody should have a little more appreciation for the photos taken of they great-great-great-great-great-grandparents if they are lucky enough to have any of them at all. :-D
the picture will come out blurry and not right, i suppose XD
j_wo4 years ago
Well...now we know how they manufactured that picture of Lee Harvey Oswald...
andyoaryoga5 years ago
whether it is possible to replace the paper with a regular camera film? how to apply and the required distance between the pinholes with a regular film camera
if you read this comment, i have the answer for my question up there . check this site, it explaining how to applying regular camera film into a pinhole camera http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier.jhtml?pq-path=11865&pq-locale=en_US&_requestid=9939
shortw5 years ago
Where could I get the developing photo paper and how much is it?
what is a pinhole camera for ?
as the name would indicate, they are strictly for taking pictures of pinholes... I am only kidding. they are one of the simplest means of taking pictures, by using a very tiny hole to create a small inverted image on a fixed plane at the back of the device, they do not require any lenses.
920335 years ago
Look up my postings on the other 'Making a Pinhole Camera' pages. Also, to everyone of your questions...simply go to your local camera photo shop dealer. They have everything you need for developing film and prints, printing papers to use, information, etc. Just visited your page...great photos. You can make an easy tripod base for use on the camera. Use a piece of 1/4" thick plywood or plastic. Drill a 1/4 inch hole in the center. Use double-face carpet tape or layer of rubber cement on face of the wood/plastic base and layer on bottom of camera. Stick together for a permanent bond. Screw your tripos screw into the hole and you're all set. Want 'simpler'? Lightly duct-tape it to tripod. Removes easily. Idea is to hold the camera still and level..this'll do the trick. Great Instructable mind-refresher for me...have been in photography all my lifetime...'1200 Year Old Highlander Immortal', y'know. :-) Which reminds me...Do you know what Jesus said to the Apostles at The Last Supper? "All you guys who want your picture taken, sit on this side of the table with Me". Moses was The First Photographer. He used a Pinhole Camera and Bolt Of Lightning for the FLASH. Came out pretty good, eh?
KMaq5 years ago
i got photo paper from staples.  will this work? it comes in a small box of 100.  i suppose i need to take them out of the package in the dark room as well? 
Musicman41 KMaq5 years ago
You need to make sure that it is photo DEVELOPING paper. What it sounds like you got was photo PRINTING paper. They are not the same thing. Developing paper is sensitive to light and changes color when exposed to the light. Printing paper is not and can only be colored by ink. I hope this helps.
 Yes, or else the paper will be developed all over, turn gray, and will not be able take another image. It'll be useless, like film taken out of the cartridge and exposed to sunlight.
oobtim5 years ago
I've been developing at home for years in shared houses too. I've used a dark cupboard, in the attic or thick blankets across a bathroom window in the past and have been used with good results (mostly in the evening/night to be safe). A red light is needed if you want to see what your doing though... :)

Look on any retrophotographic site or pick up and old photography book from a second hand book store to find the details of development and the chemicals. Ebay is a good source of cheap photography equipment too.

Good luck!
lrdogs125 years ago

NetPrintz specializes in professional quality e6 slide film processing and developing as well as bulk slide scanning. We monitor chemistry and equipment daily and only professionals get near your originals. http://netprintz.net/scans.html or http://www.netprintz.net/e6.html to go directly to the pricing page.  NetPrintz is competitively priced and will produce the highest quality output for you every time.  We use plastic mounts and they are shipped to you in a plastic box. We are a full service lab producing 30” Chromira print posters, copy work, scanning to cd and photo restoration.

likeanita5 years ago
can u be more specifite about how to develop a pic, by using photo paper? becasue it seems interesting to just directly have a image on the photo paper instead the film
 The photo paper you use is a special paper with silver crystals. THIS PAPER: www.freestylephoto.biz/c501-Black-and-White-Paper-Resin-Coated-Variable-Contrast is what you need. You also need the developer--which is on that website--which is for PAPER development, not film, because they're different. :P

It's all done in a darkroom because, like film, the image initially imprinted onto the paper will be destroyed if left in direct light of any kind. There are filters used over dim lights to prevent that.

Other than that, the chemicals used and process is pretty much the same as developing film; developer, stop bath, fixer, and then a wash through some fresh water, to remove all the chemicals. If the wash isn't done, then the chemical stains will eat the photo.

Just research it. You need a lot of stuff, if you aren't taking a photography course in college, like I am. The darkroom and everything inside it is available to me, but an average Joe might have to make their spare bathroom into a darkroom, in order to be able to develop photos. ;)
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