How to Make a Pistol [1]



Introduction: How to Make a Pistol [1]

Has more advanced features then a normal pistol. Let's do it!

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:
•Binder Paper

Step 2: Tubes

Get a paper and roll up and tape it with a pencil, do this two more times.

Step 3: Cuts and Tape

Cut two tubes the same size like a pistol, the 3rd tube has 1 inch cut off. Then, tape them altogether.

Step 4: The Handle

Make a handle like this and tape it to the gun

Step 5: Trigger

Make an extra small tube and make it the trigger. Make the same thing but 3 times larger. And tape them on the gun.

Step 6: Locker

Make a tube that's smaller then the top tube. Put it inside like in the picture.

Step 7: Scope

Make a scope and tape it to the gun.

Step 8: ....

Make this and tape it on the gun.

Step 9: Done!

How To Shoot:
Push the locker a little in the gun, and flick back. Don't point down.



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