Introduction: How to Make a Plant Pot Out of a Water Bottle

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Hello there FireFlamer here and today I will be showing you how to make a plant pot out of everyday items you find in your house. But I only use the bottom of the bottle i haven't figured out what I can do with the top

Step 1: Cutting

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Find a water bottle (a plastic water bottle ) and cut it in half like this. Have it so you only have the bottom so once you cut it it should look like the 2nd picture

Step 2: Paper

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Get some paper and cut it down into small slices like in the first picture. It should be 1 - 3 inches wide

Step 3: Get Glue

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Get glue and put on the paper like this then wrap it around the water bottle.
Pic one: Glue
Pic 2: wrap it around bottle

Step 4: Last Thing :)

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Now design your plant pot however you would like with a marker. I'm still tryin to figure out what to do with the top of the water bottles


1st_Balrog (author)2015-05-17

use the top for the "greenhouse" effect ;)

Fishyfish123 (author)2014-07-10

Great craft for the little ones. Maybe a craft for Mother's Day?

Fishyfish123 (author)2014-07-10

The top can be a funnel

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