Introduction: How to Make a Popcorn Machine in Minecraft Pe (+sfx)

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Hello Minecraft players! There's a new update for Minecraft Pe called 0.9.0. If you don't have it, upgrade it before you do this instructable! There has been models for a popcorn machine in MCPE. I've created one that has the popping sound effect of popcorn! So let's get started!

Step 1: Materials

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You will need:
-polished andensite
-red carpet
-slime spawn egg

Step 2: Chamber

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This is where the popping sound will come from. Dig 3 blocks deep and make a 3x3
Chamber inside the hole.

Step 3: Slimes

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Get your slime spawn egg and put at least 15 small slimes inside the hole.

Step 4: Base

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Cover the hole with polished andesite and place another block of it on top.

Step 5: Top

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Put a glass block on top of the andesite, then the red carpet on the top.

Step 6: Viola!

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There is your popcorn machine with sounds! I hope you liked this instructable. If you did, please favorite. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. If you want to stay in check, please follow.


pmax4 (author)2017-04-25

yay popcorn

Retro_Man (author)2016-03-10

there should be a popcorn mod to have real popcorn or a command block

Hsian10 (author)Retro_Man2017-02-12


Hsian10 (author)2017-02-12

I'm wondering if you can actually put popcorn or seeds in there. do you think you can?

Kittyoiu made it! (author)2017-01-04

I made it

Kittyoiu (author)2017-01-04

that's awesome

LegoMaster1031 (author)2016-03-11


Labdork (author)2016-02-22

I'm gonna put this in my lab

Captain_Pickle (author)2015-12-21


GRIMFACE (author)2015-07-27

hey guys i have v 0.11.1 and sometimes slime doesnt spawn

kylehorning (author)GRIMFACE2015-08-04

they will spawn just make sure its not in peaceful OK please reply

Mineteep made it! (author)2015-08-02

I did it!!! but spruced things up a bit...

Mineteep (author)2015-08-02

I did it! but spruced things up abit...

Jon theC (author)2015-06-19

To make it better, try putting a monster spawner in the chamber. Really helps.

funnyfun342 (author)2015-03-09

To Lashay3019: you could leave it without, or you could use a different carpet.

lashay3019 (author)2015-02-17

dont have red carpet what else can u use

spitball king (author)2014-11-10

The popcorn machine is cool.I made it for my minecraft movie theater!

Austydude (author)2014-10-06


HeartAG123 (author)2014-07-19

I did this on creative (now that they have that update for the P.E.) and I kept happening to put more slimes in because they died after about 3 minutes. I still love it!

jessyratfink (author)2014-07-15



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