Step 1: Base

Step 2: Glass

Step 3: Top

Step 4: Signs

Step 5: Thanks Austydude

This idea of a popcorn maker is from Austydude. He does minecraft stuff and he asked me to make a popcorn machine

Step 6: How to Get Your Idea on My Profile

How to get your idea on my tutorial is to post in a comment in the latest video explain me what you want me to build as your idea.Your idea will be showed in the tutorial that you want me to build.
Nice Theatre In The Background!
<p>Such a cute little minecraft build. Thanks for sharing!</p>
A stone button on the front minus the signs would look like a gumball machine.

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Bio: Hey guys my name is clay on my profile I do DIYs on minecraft so here's how it works you post in a comment ... More »
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