How to Make a Popsicle Swiss Knife





Introduction: How to Make a Popsicle Swiss Knife

this 'able is about making a popsicle swiss knife , there are many instructables mambers want me to make a
(tutorial) or (how to make able ) about my popsicle swiss knife and my popsicle swiss knife ver 2.0 , so i decided 
to make this 'able , it is kind tricky to make it , it dosen't cost any thing , you will just need a some Popsicle sticks and 
some tools you can find it easy , It's so easy to make , It also a great gift for kids It's safety .

Step 1: What You Will Need.

3 popsicle sticks
 hobby glue
sand paper
a pen 
a hobby knife

Step 2: Let's Get Started

let's get started with the popsicle sticks , but them like shown and it should look like this in the end of this 'able .

Step 3: Making Holes.

make holes in the end of the popsicle stick to hold the knife with the both sides

Step 4: Making the Sharp Knife

we will start this step by mark the popsicle stick and cut the popsicle stick to make some thing looks like knife and start to make it more sanding the knife with the sand paper and make it more smooth and sharper

Step 5: Glue the Stopper

now glue the stopper in place like shown with a hobby glue , then glue the other side of the stopper with the other stick like shown
and hold them in place . 

Step 6: Making the Knife Stopper and Finishing

now make a the last stopper to stop the knife , we will start by cutting the last Popsicle with the hobby knife to make the stopper then we will sand it with sand paper and make it smooth then cover it with glue and glue it with hobby glue on the back of the 2 other Popsicle and secure the knife between the two Popsicle with a small screw and Done!!



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is there a substitute for a drill or hobby knife

i dont think so , try using a knife and a screw

Working on another one. TWO blades on the same knife!

I'm a three blade. almost done. And I will make sure to show in an instructable!!!!

good , i was want make a one but i don't have any more so i will buy some , if you finished it upload a photo of it

I am not completely done yet, but when I am, I will make sure to post a picture!

ok , or you can post a photo 'able