How to Make a Portable Iphone Charger


Introduction: How to Make a Portable Iphone Charger

Have you ever been on the road and had low battery? Well this is your solution!

Step 1:

First find a car charger like the one above.

Parts:Car Charger
9-Volt Battery
9-Volt Battery clip
Electrical tape
Altoids tin

Optional: Soldering Iron

Step 2:

Then proceed to take the device apart. Don't break the internal components though!

Step 3:

Connect the battery clip to the battery. Then grab the bare car charger. Grab the positive wire and the clip and wrap the exposed wire around the tab. Do the same for the negative wire, except wrap it around the spring.Then tape or solder them in place.

Step 4:

Then a little LED should light up on the bottom or if that is not applicable plug in your device to confirm it works!




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    3 Discussions

    shouldn't you add a switch or something to it and cut a hole in the side so it will turn on without having to open it up every time it needs charging?????