How to Make a Potato Cannon (Combustion) Advanced Ep 2 of 2





Introduction: How to Make a Potato Cannon (Combustion) Advanced Ep 2 of 2


Here is a tutorial video on how to make a combustion potato cannon from the man behind ..

TheBuG or MushiYoshi. The video shows how i made my standard size potato cannon step by step.

Made in Norway

For more info about this cannon and how to make one, go to and go to the potato cannon link



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    You seem like the kind of person who knows a thing or two about massive cannons...

    What do you think of my idea to build a 12"(diameter) air cannon to shoot ~35 pound water balloons with a muzzle energy of ~184,000 foot-pounds?

    does it work better than an air cannon?

     that depends on how u build ur air cannon. I could easily build a stronger cannon then this. The cannon is VERY powerful but there can be more powerful. Depends on how u make ur cannon.

    Using explosives is more fun though.

    Very true.

    FINALLY an ADVANCED combustion cannon on instructables. all the others are lame pill bottle ones that shoot like 10 metres.

    yea, but YOU'VE made a pill bottle gun

    what stops the combustion from burning up the internal mechanisms such as the wires, fans, wood, and pvc

     The "explosion" inside the chamber just makes pressure not so much heat. This results in no melting and burning of internal parts.