How to Make a Potato Cannon (Combustion) Advanced Ep 1 of 2


Introduction: How to Make a Potato Cannon (Combustion) Advanced Ep 1 of 2


Here is a tutorial video on how to make a combustion potato cannon from the man behind ..

TheBuG or MushiYoshi. The video shows how i made my standard size potato cannon step by step.

Made in Norway

For more info about this cannon and how to make one, go to and go to the potato cannon link



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    did you soak a rag in gas and shoot it? Howd you do it?

    I saw somewhere instructions by the author on how to make it. One would put gasoline in a plastic bag, put said bag into an aluminum can that fits in the cannon, and then attach steel wool to the back of the can. Not really an explosive, more of an incendiary.

    BTW don't try the gunpowder thing. I reload shot shells every tuesday so I have played a lot with modern smokeless powder. It doesn't explode, only burns like a match, even if placed in confined containers (PVC, I haven't and won't try metal), and it is VERY expensive.

    simply put, an iron rod in aball of paper, with the powder from a .30-06 cartridge in a pouch, attacked to the front. or take a pack of about 100  20gram BB's ina two inch pouch behind a whole lot of caps for a toy gun. then, when fired at a fairly stiff surface, the resulting explosion releases shrapnel to great distances. even better, wrap it in thin wire, then slice the wire at certain intervals, creating even more deadly bomb.

    why do u wanna kill people with this?

    It doesnt realy look like an explosive, more like a molotov to me, just judging by the fireball. However if you wanted to make an explosive projectile (not recomended!) then you would use a pice ov pvc pipe and flare one end to make a "rocket" (instructions alsewhere online, like at burntlake) then fit a live bullet or shotgun shell or whatever (might be better if the bullet or the shot was removed but the primer left in place) into the nose of the "rocket" and glue it there. Then fill up the pipe with your desired explosive and block off the end so the explosive doesnt fall out, you may wnt to mix some shot or some shrapnell in with the explosive to make it more effective anti-personell(zombies). Then get a pvc endcap to put over the nose and line up a bolt or nail in a hole drilled in the endcap so that when it hits the target it will initiate the primer and detonate the explosive.... maby i should try this and then make an instructable when i find a sobre moment....

    id use some type of impact reacting chemical that creates a spark on impact and a bag of c4/anfo/black powder/butane/propane/I also like putting hairspray (in the can) on the impact chemical. that KICKS A**!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's not really like a molotov. You're correct, molotov's don't explode, but as the flammable liquid splatters upon the destruction of the container, so do the flames. However, the flaming projectile in the video did appear explode. There was an obvious explosive flaming cloud expanding upwards and outwards once the projectile made contact with the hill, which would make it an explosive.

    Or you can glue 2 pvc endcaps together drill a hole and put a sparker from the pushbutton kind of lighter in the nose so that the sparks are inside and the button is outside Then put propane or somthing inside

    How much would this gun cost to create? I really want to build one, but I need to get some more money first.

    that is amazing! extremely clever design, might I ask what is the fan for?

    you do realize mushi in german means vagina right?

    where is the fan used for ?

     The shot with the fireball was a video taken from In a nutshell, it's made with a can of "fish balls" that fit the barrel nicely, a bag of gasoline tied to the bottom of the can (inside), and a small piece of steel wool secured onto the bottom of that can (held on with a piece of perforated plumbing strap.) 

    When you launch it, the steel wool ignites until impact, where the bag of gas is broken and ignites from the wool. More detailed directions on their site.


    Mean Cannon!!! I am going to build one today!!

    How did you make the firebombs?

    using the cola corks for vent is a great idea so if it does by any chance ever fail those will blow out instead of the entire contraption exploding

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    what did you use for the explosive in the big one?

    hvor kjøpte du røra og de orange greiene?