What you need is trapdoors,chests,bookshelfs,fences,coal blocks,and stairs

Step 1: Spot

Find a clear area that's 3 wide and 4 long and four high

Step 2: Layout

Get the furniture as shown and place it as shown

Step 3: Counter Tops

Put trapdoors on the furniture you put

Step 4: Grill

Put a fence posts above the black coal blocks

Step 5: Tops

Put upside down stairs above the trap doors then put trapdoors above them

Step 6: Enjoy Your Kitchen

Enjoy your kitchen

Step 7: How to Get Your Idea on My Profile

To get your idea on my tutorial is post a comment on the latest video including what you want me to build and your idea will be posted on my tutorial that you want me to do.
Hmmm.......................................<br>Maybe a proper race car?
Woah Thx for sharing this this is also part of furniture&amp;etc. thx for answering me now I also know how to make a proper kitchen.
<p>Nice design it looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!</p>

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