This instyructable will show you how to make a rainbow alarm clock out of clay!!

Step 1: Materials

Any colors of clay you want

Step 2: Making the Numbers: 1

Take a piece of clay and make a small straight line.

Step 3: Making the Numbers: 0

Take a piece of clay and make 2 small lines and 2 longer lines. Take the 2 longer lines and put them on the sides and the 2 shorter lines and put them on the bottom and top.

Step 4: Making the Numbers: 5

Take a piece of clay and make 5 short lines than makethem going zig-zag.

Step 5: Making the Numbers: 4

Take some clay and make one long line and 2 shorter lines. Put the longer line on the right and than take a shorter piece and put it towards the left. Than put the other shorter piece facing up.

Step 6: Colon

Take some clay and make two dots. Than put them on top of each other.

Step 7: Making the Clock

Take some rainbow colored clay and make a block shape. (CAUTION:.MAKE SURE THE CLOCK IS RAINBOW!!)

Step 8: The Buttons

Take some clay and make 3 circles. Add them to the top of the clock.

Step 9: Your Done

You have made your clock, so now all you need to do is use it.
LOL funny man! You should win something for being hilarious! :)
One down...719 more to go.
this is the worst tutorial ever!!!!
And yet BLT has made three in about 3 months, and you haven't made any contribution whatsoever to instructables except this rude comment. Be nice! It's a policy here on the site. Head on over to youtube for pointless, nonconstructive comments.
Hey, I'd say good instructable as far as instructions go, horrible as far as a functioning clock goes ;) But like everyone else said, it's right two times a day!
I'm sorry, but I don't really get the point of this clock. I mean it's not even a clock, it's a sculpture. The point of the clock is to tell you the correct time constantly. This works only twice a day, and according to this, it could be anytime. No offense.
What is that!! It looks like a cross of play-dough and monkey barf
lol its a clock!
lot of wasted clay
so wat!
In the nicest way thats not verygood
I guess it shows the right time twice a day. LOL
you can change the numbers around if ya want!!! those numbers just have a variety.
But the point of a clock is for it to tell you the time without having to look up the time and change it.
it would be cooler if this worked lol

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