Introduction: How to Make a Rainbow Loom Single Bracket

Step 1: Pick Colors Out You Want

You can choose as much colors you want .

Step 2: Get Loom ! Make Arrow Face Away!

It doesn't matter what company it's by .

Step 3: Putting the Bands on !

Step 4: Continue Step 3 All the Way Up !

Step 5: Get Hook !

Step 6: Turn Loom Around !

Step 7: Take the 2nd Peg to the 3rd !

Step 8: Continue Step 7 All the Way Up !

Step 9: Get C-clip!

Step 10: Put C-clip on Very Last Peg !

Step 11: Take Bands Off !

Step 12: Put C-clip on the Band That Doesn't !

Step 13: Wear !

Your done !


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