Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

For this starburst, I'm using Yellow as the starburst, Navy Blue as the border, and Clear for the alternations, like the cap bands and what not. Next, you will need your Loom and your Hook. Then, you need a place to sit and your IMAGINATION.
<p>The instructions were a little bit vague, but it was quality stuff, and my bracelet turned out really cool!</p>
See it looks easy but as soon as i made it and i pulled it of like i was ment to but then i falls apart you must be magic
<p>So, my friend gave me one before and I thought it was so hard! But now I realize it's about as easy as the single bracelet! </p>
Same here
<p>How do you make it</p>
<p>i couldnt get it on step 7,8,9 use more details on them please</p>
<p>It is a little hard to understand here</p>
<p>Could you explain in a little mode details the little loops? Thx</p>
I made it and loved it
<p>are some elastics so post to fall off because a finished it and some fell off but it looked the same as the pic?</p>
<p>i got so far like 5 times then when i took it of it fell apart I'm defiantly doing something wrong</p>
<p> super hard I tried like in 4 times</p>
<p>I don't think it's that hard! Maybe you weren't doing it right :-)</p>
Who cares it worked for me
<p>it failed... when i took it off everything came apart</p>
<p>love this !!!!!!! &lt;3</p>
<p>luv this!!</p>
<p>how are so sure it's our FIRST starburst -.-</p>
<p>I had to try it up to like 50 times and with my aunt too so we checked a few videos on YouTube and it helped me see..</p>
<p>Good one though</p>
<p>Yay it works :D Some other tutorials don't</p><p>So thanks &lt;3</p>
I'm trying to do this bracelet I have attempted this bracelet a couple times and failed with time and patience I will get the hang of this bracelet im not going to make the Frozen inspired Starbust until I got the hang of the bracelet
i tried and tried the looping part for about 2 to 3 times i checked on other websites but its still confusing u know (i am not blaming u)
<p>this thing doesn't work at all...... U should give more specific instructions and specific pictures</p>
<p>I made it xx</p>
<p>What do you mean just pull it off ?!?!?!?! How do you do it half the blue bands just fall off? This isn't very descriptive and helpful at all !!! Like where do you hook the band's on the previous step, I managed to figure it out but it took an hour! This is terrible can you make another one that tells you how to do things?</p>
<p>if u r having trouble making this plz check out SoCraftastics tutorial on YouTube </p>
<p> super hard I tried like in 4 times</p>
<p>Anyone who is having trouble with the starburst (like me, a while ago) should try this website: loombandsnoloom.webs.com you can find a VERY easy tutorial there.</p><p>Seriously, even if you have the loom board, personally, the forks in this case work the BEST.</p><p>Good luck to everyone, let me know if the site actually helped!</p>
<p>This gets really confusing at the looping bit. I've checked every single video and site for these Star Bust, and I just can't do it</p>
<p>Hello.<br>Yes, same problem, I checked several sites, still didn't find anything :(<br>But i figured why not do it on forks, and actually I found that WAY easier, FINALLY I MADE IT!!!!!!! try this:<br>loombandsnoloom.webs.com <br>and it teaches you how to do it with forks, it has a video too, and I think they're updating it to have the written versions too (not sure if they have done that yet). although I have the loom, I found it easier on forks to be honest, you can try it too. Have made many star bursts!</p><p>Hope I helped! Good luck!</p>
Came out cute
<p>omg your starburst is killing me cause it's really nice</p>
<p>I made it and it so cute! hehe tnx +SumSum101 your tutorial is absolutely amazing! :D </p><p>:D</p><p>:D</p>
your welcome +EmmeliaA
<p> I made it!!thanks!!</p>
<p>i made it for my sister and she loves it!</p>
This is really confusing. Im very confused on the looping bit
<p>I agree. I will just keep trying</p>
<p>me to i just quit</p>
<p>there is a site called loom love that has a starburst vid it might help to everyone who is stuck with the looping or anything else helped me</p>
<p>i would watch it on youtube</p>
<p>hi didn't work out</p>
<p>i used to make loom bands hardest game in the world that....20 years man and by</p>

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