Picture of How To Make A Recycled Nintendo DS case
You just bought a nintendo DS? cool! i bet you bought a few games? awsome! and now your broke? i have been there too. This Instructable will show you how to make a nintendo DS case from stuff you probly have hanging around you house. You will also be recycling some plastic bags in the process. you will have a spot to put up to 4 game cartriges, and a holder for an extra stylus. well, lets get started!
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Step 1: Stuff you need

Picture of Stuff you need
you will need about 4 plastic bags, an iron, an ironing board, aluminum foil, duct tape, scissors, a ruler, a stapler, and velcro. (velcro is optional, but its nicer with it.)

Step 2: Lets Cut Apart Plastic Bags!

Picture of Lets Cut Apart Plastic Bags!
to begin, get one og the plastic bags and lay it down flat. cut off the very bottom and the handles. cut down the side, then lay it out so you have a long piece of plastic. then cut the plasit into strips. you want lots of short strips, not a few long ones. do this to about 4 bags. do it to 5 and leave out the logos on the bags if you dont want the logos to show, though it makes it look cooler, i think.
Maxaxle4 years ago
Note: Melting plastic is really bad for your health unless you're wearing an oxygen tank.
fishgish5095 years ago
can you use it with duct tape instead of plastic bags? i know it ruins the whole "recycling" part
Juklop6 years ago
Hah, This is awesome. Gotta find some plastic bags. II will prol'ly add a belt loop.. Awesome.