Step 4: Ironing

Now, heres the fun part. our iron should be heated up now. Slowly iron the foil. go over it a few times. making sure to get every part. do not directly iron the plastic!!!! you should hear a small crackeling sound. thats the plastic shrinking and fusin together. lift up the foil, it might be stuck to the plastic, just peel apart gently. if it is still seperate pieces, try turning the heat up on your iron and do it again. if you see little holes or burn marks, it is to hot. turn it down!

Turn over the whole thing and iron the other side to. make sure there arent any pieces that are not fused together, but its ok if the edges are wack. take it off the foil and ta da! you just fused plastic bags together!
Note: Melting plastic is really bad for your health unless you're wearing an oxygen tank.
can you use it with duct tape instead of plastic bags? i know it ruins the whole "recycling" part
Hah, This is awesome. Gotta find some plastic bags. II will prol'ly add a belt loop.. Awesome.

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