How to Make a Refrigerator in Minecraft





Introduction: How to Make a Working Refrigerator in Minecraft

This is a nice decoration piece for any minecraft house and works well for food storage too!

Step 1: Get the Blocks!!!

To make this fun simple redstone project all you need is an iron door, any expensive block (i prefer iron) a dispenser or dropper, a button, and some food!

Step 2: Place a Dispenser

Step 3: Add Your Expensive Block

Just plop your block on top of the dispenser like so! You will have to hold shift while placing it so that you actually place the block instead of accessing the dispensers interface.

Step 4: Add the Iron Door

Stand a little behind the two blocks like this so that the door is connected to the dispenser and top block

Step 5: Add a Button and Food!

Throw a button on the side a d fill the dispenser up!

Step 6: Get Your Food

When you hit the button the door will fly open and a piece of food will pop out!



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    Just make sure you aim at the ground in front of it and you put a block other than Sea Lantern down in front of it.

    thx I would always make this but the door was always tricky ?

    This is really useful and I've been trying to make a refrigerator for a long time i just couldn't find something I liked. I really like this!!! Thanks!