Introduction: How to Make a Retro Lego Tv

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Hi guys! thank you for the views I realy appreciate it but the real reason I'm here today is to show you how to make a Lego retro TV let's get started.

Step 1: The Couch

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The pieces you are going to need is 4x2 brick blue. 2X4 brick. 4 brown studs. 2 1x2 ramp brick. And 1x4 brick tall.that is all you're going to need to do just follow the instructions.

Step 2: The Retro Tv

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Pieces that you will need 2 2x4 brick black 2 levers 2 Gary studs two technic pieces two technic connectors 3 2x2 bricks and one blue 2x2 brick follow the instructions to do it


Lets make (author)2016-08-14

Your welcome,

loktinhung made it! (author)2016-08-12

Thanks for your instructions. I made it!

TiaRiaa (author)2015-07-25

this Tv looks awesome!!

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