Picture of How To Make A Rock Look Like Gold
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Step 1: Wht You Will Need

Picture of    Wht You Will Need
Hi. Today I will be teaching you how to make a rock look like gold!! It really fooled my mom! You will need: A rock Gold nail polish

Step 2:

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Lets get started! First take your plain rock and place it on a surface you ARE allowed to get nail polish on(under a paper towel)

Step 3:

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Take your nail polish and open it, and start painting one side of the rock.

Step 4:

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After one side is dry n painted, flip it over and paint the other side

Step 5:

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13, 11:44 AM.jpg
Yay your done!now go outside and hide it, bring your parents out and say look what I found... Just don't let them smell the nail polish:) hope u enjoyed!
I'm thinking we should do this to a lot of tiny tiny pebbles. Then take them to a popular gold panning site.
emeraldrox (author) 1 year ago
Thnx:) glad u enjoyed!
perkrwd1 year ago
just think how much fun this could be for all the young rock collector's out there like my granddaughter.