Picture of How To Make A Rubber Band Car
If you have a school project, then this will probably make you the winner! This can even carry a size 5 soccer ball over 7 feet! This is my entry for the Make it Youth Contest. I hope this helps any other young builders out there. Along the way I learned that cardboard, with the right supports, can be really strong. I also learned that one rubber band will get your pretty far!

Step 1: Parts And Tools!

Picture of Parts And Tools!
Parts: cardboard
Wooden wheels
Two rubber bands
Wall picture frame hook
Popsicle sticks
Wooden axles
2 CD's (wheels)

Tools: hot glue gun
Razor blade
whoohoo1 year ago
somehow, you should add rubberbands to the back wheels for traction
CharlesH3 whoohoo6 months ago

the best thing for CD disc traction is to cut both ends of a ballon then take the center piece and apply to CD

AmirK18 months ago

Can you explain how to add the Rubberband? I understand how to add more than one to make the car move, but for this year I'm required to add just one. How would I add it to the back axel and hook?

simplebotics (author) 1 year ago
@whoohoo Never though of that. Good idea!