Step 1: Materials

This wallet won't take long and you only need a bit of things: -paper -scissors -pencil/pen -(optional) tape

Step 2: Folding

Here, you just need to fold the paper(hamburger style). Then, unfold and fold vertically. Then, get both sides and fold it into the crease and unfold.

Step 3: Marking

Take your pencil and make a little line where the creases are. Then, make a diamond in the third row. Finally, cut the all lines and the diamond.

Step 4: Folding2

Follow the pictures....

Step 5: Final Step

Now, tuck all the remaining strips in and your done! (Optional) cover the whole wallet in tape to make it a bit water proof and durable.
<p>I love this 'ible! It is the easiest one for a paper wallet I have seen. I use it with my students every year to practice following directions. Good job!</p>
Cool design, these probably come in handy all the time. Thanks for sharing!

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