How to Make a Samurai Sword





Introduction: How to Make a Samurai Sword

Adam shows you how to make a Samurai Sword on a low buget.You'll need duct tape,carboard and silver spray paint.



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Ok i don;'t know why people start raging about things names, but here it is. I know a true blacksmith. My family has been in th emetalworking trade for 3 generations. I kinda know what i'm talkign about here. Swords are made relative toy YOUR body. So this means a katana can be different lengths but it's still a katana! And a bokken is a different sword from the katana. It was usually made fo wood for sparring.

um even with thick card board you want it to be 1/2 an inch wide (this is 4 layers of
thick card board)

For god's sake Samurai swords are called Katanas! ( there are others, such as wakizashi and tanto! ) Gosh! But nice I'ble.

While we're in the business of playing advocate for a higher power . . .Katana is plural or singular as needed "Katanas", "Bokkens", etc just make us look ignorant and place us at risk of ridicule.

Dude, I know. I just americanized it. I don't think I should be overly serious in proving my point to some kid who don't know jack crud about Nihonto.

A Katana is 3 feet long with three and a half fist long handle, a Samurai Sword is 2 and a half feet long and has a 2 and a quarter fist long handle and was usually used from horseback. In other words, you're wrong.

Alright. I've read all of the comments above this one. How freaking serious do you all take this crap. Are any of you real samuri? No. Stop being such  damn know it alls and, yes we get it , it's a freaking katana! Stop taking this so seriously.

This freaking kids voice is hilarious! And this isn't really even metal. Disappointing.

first of all you should call it a katana and and second say fake or prop sword.
but nice instructable (sort of i wanted to make a real one!!!!!)

 you should say prop sword i wanted to make a real sword!!!