Introduction: How to Make a Scarf From a Old T-shirt

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Step 1: Materials

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Pick a t-shirt and grab some scissors. It works best if the shirt is a solid color

Step 2: Cut

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Take your shirt and horizontally cut the top half off. Tip: cut where the bottom of the sleeves are.

Step 3: Fringe

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Next you are going to cut vertical strips from the bottom up. Make sure you cut through both sides of the shirt. The longer the strips you cut, the longer the fringe will be. It is your choice to how wide you cut it but thin strips work best (see picture).

Step 4: Pull

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To make the scarf look better it helps to pull the strips that you have cut. Pull the bottom of the strips to elongate you vertical strips.

Step 5: Knotting (optional)

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To make the scarf more "fun" you can put some knots on all or some of the vertical strips that you already cut.

Step 6: Decorating

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Now that you have the scarf you can add many different types of decorations to it. You can use fabric paint making designs and many others things. Be creative, you can do pretty much anything when you decorate the scarf.


samridhi12 made it! (author)2015-05-19

i also tried this

eleanor1600 (author)2013-05-25

Soooo cool and sooo easy

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